Dolly Pomerleau

Vice President

Dolly (Dolores) Pomerleau was a co-founder of the Quixote Center with Bill Callahan in 1976. When she moved to Washington from her native state of Maine, she worked for the Catholic bishops' Conference for nine months. It did not go well!  She then pursued a master's degree in Women's Studies at the George Washington University.

1975, the UN International Women's Year was busy with studies, the founding of Priests for Equality, and she was a founding member of the Women's Ordination Conference. The following year she co-founded Potters for Peace.  Priests for Equality has gone dormant, but the other three groups remain vibrant in the justice and peace community. 

Dolly's retirement, after several false starts, finally took hold, and now she serves as a board member of the Quixote Center.