The Quixote Center Solidarity Trip provided me a rich experience to listen to, learn from, and connect emotionally with those on their journey to find safety and security in a new country and galvanized my resolve to advocate even more ferociously for their human right to migrate. Tom Cartwright, Witness at the Border

Our job as immigration advocates is to meet the storytellers that ignite our passion for the work…To go to the frontlines and see the impacts of anti-immigrant policies and learn from the folks on the ground supporting asylum seekers on their journeys.  Sofia Rosales-Zeledon, Grassroots Advocacy Associate with the American Immigration Lawyers Association

Solidarity Travel to Southern Mexico

Join the Quixote Center on a journey of solidarity to Mexico's southern border. Our solidarity trips connect people from the United States with partners at the , one of the shelters of the . Trip participants will meet people staying at the shelter, visit the border crossing with Guatemala at El Ceibo, and hear from advocates in Mexico and migrants themselves about the impact that U.S. policy has in southern Mexico. You'll hear the many stories of why people have made the decision to risk so much on their journey north. You will return to the United States with a fuller picture of the impact of U.S. policy, and a fire inside to change it. Our next trip is coming up! See the flyer for more information.

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