Daily Dispatch 8/15/18

A new series in which we (will aspire to) offer a sampling of today’s headlines on immigration, race, and related stories.

August 15, 2018:

Head of USCIS defends his decision to remove the phrase “” from the agency’s mission statement, arguing that the agency exists to serve citizens, not immigrants.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) proposed rule change, barring citizenship to those who have benefited from public programs, would US citizen children from receiving benefits. The leaked draft of a proposed rule change is available .

Scheduled closure of Tornillo tent city, “housing” children separated from parents at the border, has been . The location is operated by BCFS (formerly Baptist Children and Family Services), which a billion-dollar government contract earlier this summer to expand the installation from 400 to 4000 beds, calling the administration’s family separation policy “stupid.” (The proposed contracts reveal just how far Trump was planning to take this policy – which is chilling…)

Temporary Protected Status for Yemen gets 18 month .

An from the Texas Tribune on the inherently conflicted structure of the immigration courts, where judges seek to be impartial but are supervised by the DOJ.

Boston mayor, Joseph Curtatone, during a trip to El Salvador and Honduras to speak to deported migrants and their families, vows to Sam Adams beer, citing CEO’s implicit support of Trump’s immigration policy and white nationalism.

A on a University of Alabama study examining the factors that lead people to white nationalism.

CNN’s Don Lemon a tape of Trump using racial slur “would change nothing” (video).

PETA Trump to adopt a shelter dog, citing his of the term “dog” with reference to Ms. Manigault Newman.