Daily Dispatch 8/14/18

A new series in which we (will aspire to) offer a sampling of today’s headlines on immigration, race, and related stories.

August 14, 2018:

U.S. citizen parents their 4-year-old adopted daughter may be deported after her immigration case is denied and visa set to expire.

State review that Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley detention center for immigrant children strapped kids to chairs and placed bags over their heads, but conclude that this does not rise to level of “abuse.”

NBC news that ICE has tripled number of arrests of non-criminal undocumented immigrants, largely in sanctuary cities.

Historical perspective on executive powers in enforcing immigration, and the role of public opinion.

ACLU files against DHS chief Kirstjen Nielsen, alleging coordination between USCIS and ICE to schedule arrests during citizenship interviews.

A Supreme Court causes some deportation orders to be thrown out of court.

scheme lands ICE agent 3 years in prison.

The first family expands as Trump’s in-laws through the same process Trump has derided as “chain migration.”

Omarosa releases of WH communications staff discussing how to “spin” Trump’s use of “the n-word.” Meanwhile, Trump his smear against black celebrities.

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Sessions isn’t a “” attorney general, says president who appointed him “attorney general.”