Oppose Kraninger's Nomination to CFPB

President Trump has nominated Kathy Kraninger to be the next director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Kraninger has very little experience for this post. Currently, she works for the Office of Management and Budget overseeing program planning and implementation for the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice. As a result, she has been a key player in coordinating immigration policy, especially the “zero tolerance” policy that led to thousands of children being separated from family members. Even though the program was in some fashion suspended, the nightmare continues for many families - as almost 600 children are still separated from families, weeks after a court ordered deadline to get all of these children back with their families.

Kraninger was hardly the architect of the programs, but her central role in planning and implementation of the zero tolerance policy should be called out, and certainly does not qualify her for a promotion.

This morning Kraninger’s nomination was given the greenlight by the financial services committee of the Senate, in a straight party-line vote (13 Republicans voting for, 12 Democrats against). The nomination now moves to the floor of the Senate, and we encourage you to raise your voice against it. You can call your Senator’s office through the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224- 3121.

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