#FreeThemAll Week of Action, Day 3: Congress

Day 3 – Wednesday, April 1: and

Reject COVID-19 ICE & CBP Funding. For too long, our representatives in Congress have claimed to care about our communities while approving billions of dollars for a deadly detention and deportation machine. Today, we tell Congress that this ends now. Giving ICE and CBP more funding to expand their cruel enforcement system is never the solution-- join us in calling on your representatives to instead invest in what communities really need like financial relief and access to health care, while telling ICE and CBP to .

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Overview of today’s day of action and other ways you can support: 

  • Targets: Members of Congress
  • Demands:
    • Reject any funding for ICE and CBP in any future COVID-19 funding package and instead direct ICE to free people from detention 
    • Include strict transfer and reprogramming limitations to keep funds from being moved to ICE and CBP for immigration enforcement
  • Actions: 

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