Daily Dispatch 9/13/18


A series in which we (aspire to) offer a sampling of today’s headlines on immigration, race, and related stories.


September 13, 2018

Visit from Aunt Flo:

In addition to taking money FEMA, DHS $200 million from other departments to ICE, inflating its budget 29% to fund an additional 2,300 detention beds and increased deportations.

            Here’s the Sen. Merkley released.

ICE that “there will be no immigration enforcement initiatives associated with evacuations” related to hurricane Florence. (Careful, though. They’ve on such promises before.)

Trump death toll for hurricane Maria, while also claiming that Puerto Rico is “an inaccessible island” (following Tuesday’s mention of its “” and earlier talk of its “”). San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, Twitter-shames him in . But perhaps this congresswoman from California put it best.


Cruel and Unusual:

: ICE raids target rural communities where immigrants are less likely to be able to obtain legal counsel. Meanwhile, companies defraud workers with promises of visas.

Private detention center alongside Texas wells that emit carcinogenic pollutants and other toxic emissions caused by fracking, leading to neurodevelopmental problems in children and respiratory illnesses in everyone else.

Southwest Key employee, Levian D. Pacheco, of sexually abusing seven detained children in Arizona.

A Guatemalan mother’s “” to reunite with her 8 year old.

Number of detained kids 12,800 – that’s more than a 400% increase over last year.

Corporations get paid to "take care" of immigrant children in detention, while also deciding when they get released.

A deeper look at Trump’s to hold incarcerate more kids, longer, with fewer quality standards.

Related: U.S. Schools police officers than counselors.



Under Trump, number of Christian refugees to US plummets while Iraqi Christians in the US see increased arrest/detention.

New USCIS took effect this week – when filling out green card applications, a mistake = deportation.

Trump to Mexico $20 million to deport 17,000 Central American migrants before they reach US border.


In a Pickle:

Congress tough choice: fund Trump’s immigration policies or shut down government – voters don’t like either.


Speaking Out:

Former DNI Clapper joins 17 other former intelligence and counterterrorism officials DOJ and DHS to retract “misleading” report linking terrorism and immigration, written ahead of Trump’s “muslim ban.” (Coverage of the letter and the report in .)

Oregon based Nike and Columbia Sportswear  against the state’s Ballot Measure 105 to repeal sanctuary laws, saying Oregon needs to attract “diverse talent from across the globe.”


Behind the Paywalls:

Percent of migrants at the southwest border fleeing Guatemala increasing ( - with photos).

Fact-checking conservative rhetoric about citizens losing jobs to immigrants ().


And Finally:

Youngsters Nike’s Kaepernick ad campaign. Oldsters don’t, but Nike doesn’t care since they aren’t exactly lining up to pay $230 for a pair of tennis shoes.

To wit: Alabama preacher admits he owns a pair of Nike shoes, but when it came time to put his money where his mouth is, he decided to destroy a $10 Nike sweatband during the sermon instead.

Wait… what? ... Apparently a growing number of evangelical Christian groups and schools are boycotting Nike because…


Oh, yeah! Because they’re toxic idolaters who confuse & with piety. That’s right, now I .



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