Daily Dispatch 8/24/18

A new series in which we (will aspire to) offer a sampling of today’s headlines on immigration, race, and related stories.

August 24, 2018


“Truth isn’t truth”:

Perception vs. reality: Politicians the number of immigrants and the people choose to believe them.

Author of Utopia for Realists 7 myths about immigration and open borders.


The Politics:

Texas Democratic hopefuls on immigration.


The Centers:

Zero-tolerance, family separation, bureaucratic procedures, and new information sharing rules that spook sponsors lead to a surge in – and an increase in legal violations and abuse by ICE officers.

Rabbi CoreCivic’s Georgia detention center, details inhumane conditions and exploitation.


The Policies:

Trump administration increases in order to slow down refugee processes.

Apple chief executive joins 58 other CEO’s on a warning that American companies will be unable to compete with international counterparts if legal immigration is restricted.


The Courts:

Quotas, quotas, quotas. Jeff Sessions tells immigration judges to , mandating three merit hearings per day, limiting the time immigrants have to make their cases for asylum.

As predicted, US District judge Boston ICE officials that they “may not order the removal of an alien pursuing a provisional waiver merely on the basis of finding the alien is subject to a final order of removal” (in other words – they can’t coordinate with USCIS to arrest immigrants at their green card interviews).


The World:

Immigration must weigh cultural anxiety against the demands of the labor market.

Australian PM Turnbull by immigration hard-liner, as nativist trend continues to spread around the world.