Daily Dispatch 4/30/2019

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Daily Dispatch

April 30, 2019

Civil Rights organizations call for restoring voting rights

The Quixote Center joined with 70 other groups in calling on presidential candidates to support voting rights for those incarcerated and to end the practice of suspending voting rights to people with felony convictions. The letter was published today - the Huffington Post has the story .

The Right to Vote movement is gaining ground. Currently there are 9 states in which legislatures are considering bills to restore voting rights.

  1. Massachusetts- &  – voting rights to incarcerated persons
  2. New Jersey- – Restores voting rights to incarcerated persons and those in community custody
  3. New Mexico- – Restores voting rights to those in community custody
  4. Virginia- & – Restores voting rights to incarcerated persons
  5. Washington- - Restores voting rights to persons in community custody,  - Demands notification of felony voting rights restoration upon release
  6. California- - Restores voting rights to those on parole
  7. New York- & - Restores voting rights to those in community custody
  8. Kentucky - Lift permanent ban on formerly incarcerated citizens from voting
  9. Illinois - Protect voting while in jail, incorporate peer led civics classes in prison

So far, Bernie Sanders is the only candidate to fully endorse the call for an end to felony disenfranchisement.

Mother’s Day March to end Family Separation

The Alliance for Family Reunification, Military Families For Families and others are mobilizing to speak out against the administration’s immigration policies this coming Mother’s Day, May 12. A large rally is planned for Washington, D.C. and other events are being organized around the country. To get involved, visit the Mother’s Day Rally website .

A Massachusetts Judge Facing Federal Obstruction of Justice Charges

A Massachusetts judge was charged with obstructing justice after being accused of allowing an immigrant, who appeared in her court, to leave the building through the backdoor in order to evade an Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) officer. The charges were brought by federal prosecutors last week.

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