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April 10, 2019

The news on immigration is bad. But there are ways to engage. Here are a couple of opportunities for action and support. We are also doing a soft launch of our , which you can check out for other ideas.

Our goal is to profile local action and opportunities a couple of times a week as part of our news. Feel free to share a story or details about an organization with us. Email

Latinx Therapist Action Network Launched
(Abridged from organizational announcement)

We are excited to announce the launch of Latinx Therapists Action Network and its online platform . We have been tirelessly working the past year as mental health practitioners, students, healing arts practitioners, and organizers who are guided by a deep love for our immigrant communities, to bring together a collective of Latinx therapists who believe in healing justice, immigrant rights, and abolishing ICE.

The Latinx Therapists Action Network believes that the criminalization, incarceration and disposal of immigrant people are an extension of unjust mass incarceration.  The suffering inflicted today on migrants has intensified during the current administration, thus further illuminating the need for culturally grounded organizing and justice-oriented healing that is accessible to frontline communities. This is an offering to our Latinx communities at the frontlines of the struggle against criminalization, detention and deportation.

Areas of Work

1)     Build the resiliency of the migrant rights movement and its leadership through emotional health education where therapists and grassroots organizations coincide geographically and through building a vibrant online platform of resources.

2)     Deepen the consciousness of Latinx Therapists about issues of criminalization, incarceration and migration.

3)     Stand in Solidarity with the migrant rights movement against criminalization, detention and deportation.   

4)     Build a directory of Latinx therapist committed to providing culturally grounding and financially accessible mental health services to communities on the frontlines of the struggle for migrant rights.

If interested in learning more, check the website and review the guiding principles .

Lawyers needed for TPS Clinic on May 4 (Westbury, New York)

The national Labor & Employment Committee of the National Lawyers Guild has partnered with (WFU) to plan a series of immigration clinics across the country for union members who are Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients. You can read more about WFU below. The next clinic is scheduled for May 4 at the UFCW local 1500 office in Westbury, NY.

For the May 4th clinic, WFU is looking for volunteer attorneys who have knowledge of legal protections for and issues affecting employees with TPS at work.  If you have this background and are interested in volunteering, please contact Setareh Ghandehari, of the national Labor & Employment Committee. Her email is  Please forward this request to others who might be interested in volunteering.

Project Unify

Project Unify is a program of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law. They are currently looking for attorneys and interpreters to assist with a court-mandated site inspection of the family detention center in Dilley, TX (near San Antonio) that will happen April 15-17. Kind of last minute, we know. To get involved in this, or other activity in the future, check out the website.

From the Project Unify volunteer page:

We are looking for licensed attorneys, social workers, mental health specialists, pediatricians, health care specialists and interpreters to help us conduct interviews and on-site visits as well as provide consultations, assessments, and occasionally legal representation and health care services and referrals. We are also looking for organizations within these sectors that would like to volunteer. Please  to the registration page if you are interested.