Daily Dispatch 2/11/19

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Daily Dispatch

February 11, 2019

Countdown to Shutdown v.2.0 National EmergencyShutdown v.2.0:



Well... it was nice while it lasted

A spending agreement to avert a government shutdown looked like a sure thing late last week until Democrats threw in an eleventh-hour demand requiring a cap on ICE detention beds. One wonders whether it might have been better to include this ask from the start rather than appearing to change course and derail negotiations at the last minute. It may be a laudable position but it’s terrible politics. If the government shuts down on Friday, the blame this time will be placed squarely on the Dems.

And though the President is rage-tweeting, does he really have any skin in the game at this point? The White House already has an emergency declaration written up and ready to go. The only reason for delay is to build expectations to hype a dramatic reveal.

Tonight, Trump will hold a rally in El Paso (one newspaper’s headline describes the city as “” for a Trump rally) to reiterate his, at best, misleading claims about border walls lowering crime.

Meanwhile, Beto O’Rourke, who represented the area in the Texas Senate for several years, will be leading a march against Trump’s visit. The march will culminate in a “Celebration of El Paso” at the Chalio Acosta Sports Center only a block from Trump’s venue (both about a 5 minute walk from the border), where O’Rourke is expected to deliver remarks.

Will he have anything to… announce?

Speaking of Texas are updates on the Texas voter-citizenship story from the Texas Tribune.

For Your Calendar:

Tuesday 9 am: Oral arguments on Trump’s travel ban will begin tomorrow morning at the federal courthouse in Greenbelt, MD.

Wednesday 10 am: Senate committee will vote on the nomination of acting ICE Director Ronald Vitiello in Dirksen 342.

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