Daily Dispatch 12/3/18

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Daily Dispatch

December 3, 2018


Top Story:

of Southwest Key and its Executive Director, Juan Sanchez (from the New York Times): “He’s Built an Empire, With Detained Migrant Children as the Bricks.”

House Dems hop on board with to censure Steve King (R-IA). (Note: Quixote Center is among the 140 signing organizations mentioned in this report.)

House and Senate Democrats over border wall funding. Meanwhile, the government shutdown showdown has been , according to comments made by the president to reporters on Saturday.

DHS head sends to State, Labor, Energy, Transportation, Interior, and Justice departments asking them to send “any available law enforcement personnel… to the Southwest Border.” This is in addition to the active military troops deployed to the border area last month.

Federal judge against Trump’s intention to withhold federal grant money from sanctuary cities.

Other Stories:

In depth piece from the : “Hazing Humiliation, Terror: Working While Female in Federal Prison”

From : “Texas Sues San Antonio In First Test Of Sanctuary City Immigration Crackdown”


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