Daily Dispatch 12/17/18

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Daily Dispatch

December 17, 2018

Top Stories:

Joaquin Castro (D-TX) that CBP chief McAleenan was already aware of child’s death in agency’s custody while testifying before Congress last week.

Castro joined 4 other House Dems in the Inspector General to “initiate an investigation into this incident, as well as CBP policies or practices that may have contributed to the child’s death” and McAleenan’s “failure to timely notify Congress.”

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So, that Tucker Carlson immigration screed we mentioned last week … some advertisers are not so pleased, ads from the Fox News host’s prime time hour.

Stephen Miller that he and Trump are “going to do whatever is necessary to build the border wall,” which “absolutely” includes a government shutdown because “at stake is the question of whether or not the United States remains a sovereign country.”

        (Rumor has it, however, that Republicans are preparing a stop-gap to fund the government into January.)

In an effort to reduce DACA benefits while the program’s fate makes its way through the courts, the Federal Housing Administration has begun mortgages to DACA recipients.

Paul Ryan finishes out his congressional career by a bill that will make E-3 visas (currently exclusive to Australian citizens) available to Irish nationals, prompting this from Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz:

Other Stories:

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