Daily Dispatch 12/11/18

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Daily Dispatch

December 11, 2018

Top Stories:

General John Kelly will be freed from the White House through Trump’s early-release program (aka Twitter), having served only 18 months of his 3-and-a-half year sentence as White House Chief of Staff. With Kelly out, most expect DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to be next on the chopping block. While Kelly made his fair share of derogatory comments about America’s immigrant population, he and Nielsen represented the less extreme faction in the administration, butting heads with Stephen Miller on issues like deploying military to the US-Mexico border. Trump has never been a fan of Nielsen (e.g., infamous encounter) and despite her recent efforts to placate the “president,” Kelly was likely solely responsible for her remaining in her post at DHS. Odds are good she’ll also be gone by the end of year.

Remember our buddy Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III – also recently fired by tweet? His likely replacement, William Barr, has been to this rodeo before, serving as AG in the early 1990s. Vox looks at his on immigration during his first go ‘round in the DOJ.

Trump met with “Chuck and Nancy” yesterday, the latter hoping to avoid a government shutdown over border wall funding. Let’s just say, things got heated. Despite the cameras, Pelosi complained that open debate and transparency could not take place if both parties don’t accede to a set of facts. Afterwards, Pelosi told Trump to “pray about it” before shutting down the government, while Schumer talked of Trump’s “temper tantrum.” 


Public comment period has ended for the “public charge” rule. 210,889 comments were received (17,073 are available to view), including these, signed by 28 sitting Senators.

Local Papers:

From (Denver, CO): “Judge: Sheriff can’t hold people for immigration authorities”

From the (Albany, NY): “Albany County receives millions for immigrant detainees”

From the (Raleigh, NC): “New sheriffs in Wake and Durham will no longer cooperate with immigration agency”

From the (Boston, MA): “Maura Healey, Brigham and Women’s protest proposed immigration rule”

Other Reads:

From : “Life in Tijuana Means Negotiating ‘La Linea,’ an Always Present Wall”

From : “Is the UN’s new migration compact a major breakthrough?”

From : “This Obama-Era Agency Is Trying to Speed Immigration Under Trump’s Nose”

From : “How Atlanta Is Turning Ex-Cons Into Urban Farmers”

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