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Daily Dispatch

November 7, 2018


Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, we hardly knew ye.

Jeff Sessions is out as Trump announces new Acting AG via tweet. Nomination for new AG will come soon, but in the meantime all eyes are on Matthew G. Whitaker, Sessions’s Chief of Staff at DOJ. Stay tuned…

Top Stories: (until 19 minutes ago)

As we now know, Trump’s intentional escalation of anti-immigrant rhetoric yielded mixed results at the polls. On the federal level, the Senate remains red while the House swings blue.

What a Democratic House of Representatives for Trump’s immigration policies.

Motel 6 $7.6 million to avoid class-action lawsuit after regularly providing guest lists to ICE.

Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law suit against Jeff Session on behalf of Jenny Lisette Flores, et al, in an effort to the administration from ending Flores Agreement protections.

Other News:

Wheaton College professor white evangelicals to resist the anti-immigration fervor that has led them to reject Christian values.

Seattle-King County Immigration Legal Defense Network, launched by the city of Seattle and surrounding King County in response to Trump’s policies, has legal representation to 699 in the year since its inception.

From Foreign Affairs: “The Migration Disconnect: Why Central Americans Will Keep on Heading to the United States.”