Daily Dispatch 11/5/18

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Daily Dispatch

November 5, 2018

Top Stories:

NBC controversial immigration ad after backlash from viewers. The ad continued to air on MSNBC Monday morning. NBC has issued a statement, saying "After further review, we recognize the insensitive nature of the ad and have decided to cease airing it across our properties as soon as possible." Fox News has also pulled the ad.

Speaking of Racists:

Michael Cohen to Vanity Fair that Trump is racist.

Another to understand the origins of Stephen Miller, driver of Trump’s immigration policy.

Eyes are on Iowa, as Steve “we can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies” King an uncertain (but is it really that uncertain? – I’m skeptical) election day tomorrow.


Other Stuff:

On the of fear-mongering.

Galveston company, SLS, border wall contract. Per SLS’s , the company's mission is “Providing Relief From Coast to Coast.”

From WaPo: “

Bonus Video:

HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver does a deep dive on immigration policy:


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