Daily Dispatch 11/26/18

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Daily Dispatch

November 26, 2018

Top Story: Border Meltdown

Border closing at San Ysidro port of entry causes chaos; CBP agents shoot teargas into crowds. Full coverage from , , and .

Tijuana’s mayor the U.N. for aid in dealing with the humanitarian crisis at the border.

Details remain unclear, but an official from Obrador’s transition team planned deal with U.S. to keep asylum seekers in Mexico: "Either you sit at the table or you're a part of the menu." More coverage from the Texas Tribune .

Stephen Miller’s faction out over Kelly and Nielsen in West Wing clash over military use of lethal force. 

Other Stories:

From : “Fifty Percent Fewer Texas ‘Dreamers’ Renewed DACA in Fiscal Year 2018”

From the : “Why Big Law Is Taking On Trump Over Immigration”

From : “Stalemate on Trump’s wall amid threat of shutdown”

From the : “Advocates say the timing is right for independent oversight of Texas prisons”


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