Daily Dispatch 11/2/18

November 2, 2018

Top Stories:

What to make of Trump’s claim that he will allow US troops fire on migrants throwing rocks: The Pentagon that troops will follow standard rules, working in support of CBP officers, who are “absolutely the primary and principal member that will be handling, specifically, the migrants.”

:  News outlets snub Trump’s immigration “policy” speech.

CNN’s Jake Tapper: “We brought out that speech live because we were told by the White House that the president would be introducing a new proposal, a new policy when it came to asylum. That's not actually what happened. That’s not the first time that this White House has not been honest, but it’s obviously very disappointing when we bring you the news because we were told the president was going to be presenting the policy and he just regurgitates the same speech he gives every night on the campaign trail.”

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace: “Because he’s used immigration in blatantly political ways, and in an abundance of caution, we’ve decided to monitor those remarks, fact-check them against his rhetoric and record on immigration, and bring you the important news from them.”

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Other News:

12 Hondurans traveling in caravan a class-action lawsuit in federal court charging that Trump’s policies violate due process.

Fact-checkers that the central claim of Trump’s recent “Willie Horton”-esque ad is untrue. Bracamontes last entered the US under GW Bush, not Obama.

The Independent offers on the migrant caravan.

Bonus Video:

Stephen Colbert challenges Chris Wallace on immigration policy.

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