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Daily Dispatch

November 15, 2018

Top story

According to leaked documents received by The Nation, the Army will provide Customs and Border Protection officers with anti-riot weapons and protective equipment, further blurring the line between military and civilian law enforcement. .

It's hard to keep up with the firings and new faces...

Ronald D. Vitiello, Trump’s pick to lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement is this week as part of his confirmation process. Vitiello is currently the acting director.

This is what oppression looks like...

Trump’s rhetoric is driving immigrants away from accessing programs like food stamps, even though no formal changes to eligibility have been made. Immigrants, and we are speaking of documented immigrants, are now forgoing assistance they otherwise qualify for out of fear they could be deported, or later denied citizenship. into the changes and new report documenting the pattern.


It seems that every federal agency is being enrolled into Trump’s war on immigrants, now : “Immigration arrests at U.S. national parks and other federal lands spiked dramatically this year under President Donald Trump, with some 4,010 immigration-related arrests alone since May compared to only 126 arrests in 2016, according to the Interior Department”

GEO Group - the Profits of Pain

From early October, but still worth a . Department of Homeland Security inspects a GEO Group run detention facility. “DHS inspectors reviewed all requests for dental fillings since 2014 and found that although the jail’s two dentists identified cavities and placed detainees on a waiting list for fillings, no detainees received them. “One detainee we interviewed reported having multiple teeth fall out while waiting more than 2 years for cavities to be filled,” the report said.

Geo Group remains the largest private company in the detention business.

Some good news!

On the good news front, the city of Denver is to provide legal defense to immigrants facing deportation.


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