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Daily Dispatch

November 12, 2018

In the Swamp:

What to expect between now and January:

Lame duck negotiations about border wall funding are unlikely to produce the results Trump wants. Republican Majority leaders in the House and Senate are $20 billion apart on how much funding they believe is realistic and Democrats aren’t likely to go for any of it, even when tied to a DACA fix.

Related: White House schism over immigration complicates Trump’s to implement new immigration policies before Ryan hands the gavel to Pelosi.

Related: An explanation of Trump’s proposed “,” which “raises the risk of summary deportation for thousands of asylum seekers.”

Two nominations moving ahead today as the Senate Homeland Security Committee holds on Ronald D. Vitiello to direct ICE and later on Steven Dillingham for Director of the Census.

ICE reporting to Congress a record high average daily population of 44,631 detainees.

In Case You Missed It:

From : "All 19 Black Women Running for Judge in a Texas Race Won Tuesday Night"

In the Courts:

ACLU in federal court to halt the “asylum ban.” (Read the complaint .)

Greyhound Lines becomes the target of for allowing ICE agents to board buses and demand identification from passengers.

An interview with the lead attorney ">challenging USCIS’s new policy memo against international students.

Former CBP official pleads to pretending to be a lawyer in order defraud immigrants.

On the Ground:

Seven-minute showers, MREs, no combat pay, electricity restrictions, and the approaching holidays are just some of the factors impacting among troops deployed to the US-Mexico border.

In the Streets:

Small sets out from Ann Arbor, heading to El Paso to call attention to Trump’s policies.

Finally, a message from former Ambassador Mike McFaul:




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