Daily Dispatch 10/18/18

A sampling of today’s headlines on immigration, race, and related stories.

October 18, 2018


Kidz Inc.

Arizona-based for-profit, VisionQuest National LTD, received funds from HHS to UACs in Philadelphia, but officials in this “sanctuary city” won’t allow kids to be incarcerated on their watch.

Elizabeth Warren sends a to HHS’s Alex Azar (cc Kirstjen Nielsen), asking for clarification on whether he misled Congress regarding the existence of a database to track separated families.


Activist arrested for aiding undocumented immigrants fights the charges on grounds of because “his faith compels him to offer assistance to people in dire need, including immigrants.”

Political bias in hiring immigration judges on how Sessions is re-shaping immigration courts.

ICE immigration lawyer who refuses to reveal the source of a offering guidance to ICE attorneys on how to implement Sessions’s ruling against domestic / gang violence as grounds for asylum.

Northern Lights (or Joints and the Joint):

Canada legalizes marijuana, but workers in the newly above-board industry risk a “” from the US. Congress has a briefing from Nielsen and CBP Commissioner McAleenan “concerning the impact of Canada’s legalization of recreational cannabis on cross-border transit.”

From Politico: POT PARDONS COMING — The Trudeau government plans to announce today it will grant pardons for convictions of simple possession of marijuana in Canada, a high-ranking government official told POLITICO. The full details will come within days or weeks, he said.

BOP fears low-security prisons will soon due to “Attorney General's April 11, 2017 and May 10, 2017 guidance regarding the aggressive prosecution of certain crimes” (i.e. zero tolerance immigration enforcement).


From The Guardian: “

From The Atlantic: “


Trump threatens to "STOP (END)!" to Central American countries and to the caravan of Honduran migrants.



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