Daily Dispatch 10/15/18

A sampling of today’s headlines on immigration, race, and related stories.

October 15, 2018

Democratic Process:

56 days left to on the proposed “public charge” rule that doctors pose public health threats.



When things become unpopular, they claim helplessness in the face of the law: DHS now it has no choice but to end TPS.

Both parties put greater on immigration in campaign ads than previous cycles.

As he prepares to leave the mayor’s office, Rahm DOJ over “sanctuary city” funding policy.



of Honduran migrants nearly doubles as it reaches Guatemalan border.

Deported Mexican immigrant in California desert while trying to make his way back to his US citizen wife and children in Idaho.


At the Border:

Mexican officials at the border; advocates and lawyers have various theories as to why.

CBP releases on employee misconduct. Analysis and .

Related: “

CBP some family units as “fraudulent” and doesn’t include them in family separation statistics – and more analysis of Amnesty International .

Tornillo tent city continues to . Take a tour of the camp .

Related: ORR and its contractors (including Southwest Key) use to determine age of children, sometimes transferring them to ICE detention.

Related: Trump family separation as effective deterrent and says “we’re going to do whatever we can do to get [illegal immigration] slowed down.”

One measure under consideration is the “” option, giving parents the choice to keep their kids with them in detention or give them up to be sent to shelters and foster care.


The Church:

Baltimore police agree to recognize issued by Archdiocese to undocumented immigrants.

Indigenous Guatemalan woman given at Methodist Church in Virginia.


Further Reading:

This longer piece, “” (from the Texas Observer), will trigger your PTSD, but still worth reading.



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