Daily Dispatch 1/24/19

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Daily Dispatch

January 24, 2019

And the shut goes on.

For the first time in weeks, however, there appears to be movement. Maybe.

The House is preparing a bill that would give Trump his $5.7 billion for various kinds of border security EXCLUDING THE WALL. And Mitch McConnell is said to have crawled out from under his rock.

UPDATE: Pelosi on reports of Democratic proposal

The two bills the Senate plans to vote on today (Trump's border wall bill and a clean stopgap bill) with both definitely fail, but will provide useful information on what could work going forward – which bill will get more votes is the question.

Some think the SOTU kerfuffle is the only way to shake Trump out of his border frenzy. Above all Trump cares about his TV ratings. After acquiescing to Pelosi’s demand to postpone the SOTU until the government opens, you can bet he’s finding renewed motivation to shutdown the shutdown.

But you never know…

is chatting with various lawmakers about offering green cards to DACA recipients as a way to end the shutdown.

Meanwhile, billionaire Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross the big deal with missing a couple of paychecks.

And Twitter had its with Trump’s new border wall slogan.

But even conservative anti-immigrant activists are of hearing Trump talk about his wall.

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USCIS staffers information about not leaking information to the public. Said one USCIS official, “if they want to stop people from talking to the press, they got to stop being so scandalous.”

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HHS Secretary Alex Azar has a House committee request to testify on family separation.

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Families for Freedom reports that it has been “Families for Freedom have been contacted by family members of persons detained at Etowah County Detention Center about a hunger strike due to the very poor quality of the food being served as well as intolerable conditions and treatment. Communication with the detained people have been severely restricted for some time now (our hotline has been blocked) and personal calls are allegedly being disconnected at the mention of the strike action. There are also allegations of retaliation with folks placed in lockdown for refusing food.” This report has been corroborated by Shut Down Etowah and Adelante Alabama Worker Center.