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Daily Dispatch

January 17, 2019

Today's news is pretty much the same as yesterday's news: shutdown gridlock - no end in sight.

In an opinion piece for the , Rex Huppke has an idea: “End the shutdown; give Trump his wall. We need a monument to American stupidity.”

"This is all objectively stupid. So much so that this moment in our nation’s history deserves a monument, so we may never forget.

"And that’s what Donald Trump’s border wall should be: A poorly conceived, partially built memorial to mental mediocrity...

"Democrats in Congress refuse to fund the wall because they know it’s a waste of money and because it’s a lunkheaded symbol of isolationism and hate.

"So rebrand the concept. Consider it an investment in a national monument to the perils of willful ignorance and gamble that whatever fragment of a wall actually gets built will become a profitable tourist attraction, a must-visit national park that delivers a lesson in not believing everything you’re told…

"If Democrats let Trump proceed with the wall, it will become a testament to Trumpian incompetence and grift. And that will make for enlightening reading at the nearby Trump Border Wall Museum of American Stupidity, which will also feature a gift shop selling pieces of steel slats that were never used because construction was halted after the administration was busted for using Russian-made steel...

Insist that each brick (or slat) in the wall be inscribed with one of the more than 6,000 false or misleading statements, documented by the Washington Post fact-checker, that Trump has made since taking office. …

"It’s the year 2019 and our government is shut down and hundreds of thousands of Americans are suffering because one man who conned millions is obsessed over building a giant wall.

"That’s stupid. Dangerously stupid. And it’s worthy of a monument that will serve as a reminder of this dumb era, lest Americans ever forget the cost of stupidity run amok."

Pew has released a new on border wall:  “A new Pew Research Center survey finds that majority of Americans (58%) continue to oppose substantially expanding the border wall, while 40% favor the proposal. Overall opinion on the wall is little changed from last year, but these views have never been more sharply divided along partisan lines: Republican support for the wall is at record high, while Democratic support has reached a new low. And both sides appear to be dug in.” Full report . Topline .

The offers an overview of the shutdown’s effects at the border.

House Judiciary Committee Republicans release of the “Fix the Immigration Loopholes Act,” which would end Flores protections.

Meanwhile, Rep. Jayapal (D-WA) reintroduces her budget that would prevent transfer of funds from FEMA and other sub-agencies to pay for ICE detention.

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Wed, 03/20/2019 - 11:55am

What is being overlooked is that a wall will cut off migration routes for wildlife. This will foster inbreeding and the eventual extinction of our precious wild life. also, it's been reported that there is far more illegal transactions at other ports. our country needs immigrants. we need diversity. they perform jobs no whites want to do. they add culture, food, music and so much more to make us great again.