Wishing for a peaceful and just holiday

This week we want to give thanks for all the people we work with at the Quixote Center – here at our offices in Maryland, our partners in Haiti and Nicaragua, and you our supporters across the country who give your time, money and prayers to make this important work happen. We are certainly grateful for all these people and the incredible impact they are having on their communities.

Events this week, however, have been a sobering reminder of all the work that remains to be done in the fight for social justice for all our brothers and sisters. It is a sad reminder that structural violence is so embedded in our culture and systems that it allows some lives to matter more than others. The continued outpouring of grief and rage in Ferguson and other cities is testament to the concrete and daily effects of marginalization of these communities. The frayed trust between police forces and the communities they serve; the unjust sentencing and incarceration of people of color; and growing inequality between the 1% and the rest of the country are all symptoms of an unsustainable system.

So we enter into this holiday of gratitude with a heavy load, and eyes on the road ahead as we continue to fight for social justice. We take comfort in knowing you are on this road with us, with hope that our collective wisdom will guide us to a peaceful and just future. Thank you for your ongoing support of the Quixote Center and your enduring commitment and solidarity. May your holiday be a time to reflect with loved ones on the many blessings we share and an opportunity to ponder and prepare for the journey ahead.