Volunteer Investigator for Maryland Innocence Claim

Are you tired of watching CSI and wondering what it would be like to solve a real crime?? HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!

The of the Quixote Center (GRIP), located in College Park, MD, is looking for the right person to volunteer to help investigate a case right here in Maryland. Our client was convicted in 1993 of causing the death of an elderly gentleman who he allegedly robbed an injured - those injuries led to the man's death some weeks later. Our client has always maintained his absolute innocence. He has served 20 years of a Life Without Parole sentence and has doggedly sought help with his case.

GRIP coordinator, Claudia Whitman, a seasoned investigator on old cases of people claiming innocence, is searching for a person who would be trained and mentored by her and would do investigation on this case. The work would involve meeting with the client, familiarizing yourself with the case, meeting with former defense attorneys on the case, obtaining documents and searching for witnesses and regular phone and email meetings with Claudia. Schedule will be flexible depending on availability of volunteer(s), but we anticipate up to 10 hours a month.

Claudia has worked as a full time volunteer for the Quixote Center for nearly 20 years. This position offers you a chance to have a first hand experience with the criminal justice system, to see what it is like to investigate a real case, and, hopefully, to help a person who has been denied justice. We will provide reimbursement for travel costs related to the investigation.


Claudia Whitman,