Update on the Prison Strike August 29, 2018

The Quixote Center is one of over 300 organizations that has endorsed the demands of prisoners around the country who are engaged in various forms of protests that began last week and runs through September 9th.

It is difficult to get confirmation of actions that take place inside prisons, but today’s update from Jailhouse Lawyers Speak included the following items that were confirmed from the last few days:

  • 200 ICE detainees at NWDC, Tacoma WA initiate hunger strike and work stoppage
  • David Easley and James Ward are on in Toledo CI, OH
  • 100 prisoners organized , displaying banners on the yard at Hyde Correctional Institution
  • of all prisoners, except 12-15 prisoners from the “privilege unit,” in McCormick CI, S.Carolina
  • ~100 prisoners rallied in yard with banners “Parole,” “Better Food,” “In Solidarity” in North Carolina
  • Palestinian political prisoners issued  from their prisons in occupied Palestine
  • Revolutionary artist Heriberto Sharky Garcia declares  at Folsom Prison in Represa, California
  • Non-violent protesters at Burnside Jail in Halifax, CA publish their in solidarity

There are a number of different ways to get involved, You can review the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee for more details. Specific items include.

The strike has received a significant amount of press - to review articles you can check out Jailhouse Lawyers Speak . A few examples:

- From Attica to South Carolina: Heather Ann Thompson on the Roots of the Nationwide Prison Strike.

- US inmates stage nationwide prison labor strike over ‘modern slavery’

- US inmates nationwide strike to protest ‘modern slavery’

- Inmates across the U.S. are staging a prison strike over ‘modern-day slavery’

- Inmates Plan To Hold Weeks-Long Strike At Prisons Across U.S.