Small Steps Matter

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”


The Quixote Center has been on the front lines of the social justice movement since 1976 working to improve the lives of communities in the United States and Latin America. The Center finds its strength in the power of many individual supporters. We do not accept government or corporate funding.

The legacy of the Quixote Center is that small steps matter.

  • Every tree planted in Haiti matters. Every acre that is reforested makes a difference on that island.
  • Each home built in Nicaragua makes an enormous difference for one family, and lifts up the whole community.
  • Each farmer who learns more sustainable techniques to improve their crop grows more food for their family and enriches the quality of the soil, which will benefit future generations of farmers.

We are humbled by your ongoing support and all that you have allowed us to do. Together we have planted over one million trees in Haiti, built thousands of homes in Nicaragua and touched the lives of countless families. We know each of you do so much more. You give to your families, neighbours, congregations and schools. In this season of giving, we offer our thanks to you, for all you do and the many ways you give. Happy .