Press Release: Quixote Center Opposes Armed Intervention in Haiti

Quixote Center Opposes Armed Intervention in Haiti: Peace Must be Led by the People of Haiti

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 18th, 2022

Contact: Alexandra Gulden |

Washington DC—The security crisis in Port-au-Prince continues to deteriorate. In July alone, nearly 500 people were killed when rival gangs warred in Cite Soleil. Armed groups control transportation routes into and out of the capital, extorting and kidnapping travelers.

Calls for armed intervention have ramped up in recent months; however it is the international community's disregard for democratic principles that has led to the current crisis.

“The Quixote Center opposes any kind of foreign military intervention in Haiti,” said Executive Director Dr. Kim Lamberty. “Past military interventions have been disastrous, and have led to gross human rights violations. Rather than military intervention, the international community could support Haitian civil society-led dialogue, and cease to grant unquestioning support to the current interim government authorities.”

“A Haitian-led solution is the only pathway to stability and peace. Over the last two years, Haitian civil society organizations have been engaged in extensive dialogue about governance to build a more democratic future. If the international community is to take action, it must end its support for Prime Minister Henry so that dialogue can take place, listen to peace-makers in impacted communities, curb illegal weapons trafficking into the country, and address the structural issues of extreme poverty and lack of employment that drive violence.”

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