Homes of Hope Update

Construction is underway once again in the village of Chaguitillo! This is the second year that the Homes of Hope program has been active in this community, and the new construction will serve some of the more than fifty families currently waiting for a new home. The Institute of John XXIII reports that the first seven families have been selected and approved by the community housing association.

Last week, these seven families completed all of the preliminary steps and are now ready to begin working with the Institute's construction team on their new homes. Families that receive new homes participate in each step of the construction process, from preparing the land for the foundation to attaching the roof, and remain involved with the project during the next round of construction.

Each year the Homes of Hope alumni grow thanks to the generosity of the Quest for Peace donors in the United States. Your gifts transform the lives of beneficiaries from insecure to secure by providing dignified housing and empowering communities to determine their own paths. Help us prepare for the next construction season by .