Emergency Response for Haiti

The magnitude 7.2 earthquake that hit Haiti on Saturday had severe impact on the cities of Les Cayes and Jeremie, and surrounding areas, with further destruction in and near Jacmel. People certainly felt the quake in Port au Prince. Tremors happened all day, bringing back memories of the 2010 quake and sending people out into the streets in fear.

In the areas that saw the worst devastation, hospitals are under enormous stress, many of them suffering damage from the quake. There is a shortage of supplies. Transport out of Port au Prince remains uncertain due to ongoing fighting in and around Carrefour. The government is now saying it can guarantee security there (if so, why not last week?), and, as I am writing, there is talk of a gang “ceasefire.” We hope that this lasts. Bridges into Jeremie were damaged, but the airport is reportedly functional. 

Whenever people ask where they should donate funds to help in times of crisis, I always say that the best way is to give to those who are already there, know the area and how to mobilize local resources. When the Quixote Center raises funds they always go to local organizations. 

Immediate needs are the basics - food and shelter. There is a tropical storm coming, likely to hit Monday night into Tuesday morning. People need to get out of the rain. So, at the moment, the funds we raise will go to support the purchase and transport of shelter supplies - tents, tarps, rope and so on. 

Thank you for whatever support you are able to provide. You may donate