Daily Dispatch Focus on Migrant Caravan 10/24/2018

A sampling of today’s headlines on immigration, race, and related stories.

October 24, 2018

Caravan Edition

Latest Caravan News

Powerful photo published yesterday in The Atlantic.

Another photo essay from the BBC.

on migrant caravan is a violation of international law.

Report from Huixtla, Mexico from , as the caravan begins its 12th day: “This is straight-up biblical,” said Julio Raúl García Márquez, 43, a Guatemalan traveling with his wife, their 1-year-old son and a cousin. They spent part of the night on sheets of cardboard in the central square.”

Journalist José Luis Granados Ceja across border between Mexico and Guatemala. “We’re not migrating, we’re fleeing!”

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Reality Checks

Human Rights First - about the caravan.

ISIS? Caravaners attack Mexico’s police? And other lies revealed .

Luke Barnes and Rebekah Entralgo (and debunk) some of the false stories circulating about the caravan.

Background articles on migration

Alianza America’s Oscar Chacon /what-is-the-hondurans-caravan-really-telling-us-cda6bcccad35">discusses what the caravan is “really telling us.”

U.S. policy supports Honduran “tyrant” - from Silvio Carrillo in New York Times (from Dec. 2017)

Mark Tseng-Putterman “U.S. empire thrives on amnesia….There can be no common-sense immigration “debate” that conveniently ignores the history of U.S. intervention in Central America.” He offers detailed timelines concerning interventions in EL Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. (from June 2018)

National Geographic about gangs in Honduras (from Feb. 2018)


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