Criminal Justice Program

The Quixote Center’s criminal justice program has its roots in a human rights framework. Previous causes, such as the abolition of the death penalty, were unpopular when we took them up, but have since moved into the main stream. In 2015, issues of racial justice, sentencing and criminal justice reform are finally getting the national attention they deserve.

Our criminal justice program currently centers on two major projects. Firstly, we have spearheaded the development and distribution of a re-entry program database, offering inmates and their families the best access to information about re-entry programs across the country. This information is essential to a successful return to society for many inmates who lack a support system.

We also are continuing our partnership with the Grassroots Investigation Project. Prisoners who are on death row or have received a sentence of life without parole who need investigative work done on their cases can contact us for assistance.  In death penalty cases, it is not uncommon for defense attorneys to only use the state’s evidence in their trials, often without even meeting with their client prior to the trial. Defendants who can not afford to hire a private lawyer or investigator are stuck with whatever defense the state provides. GRIP is there to listen to the stories of these clients. We do not charge for our services and do our best to review all the cases that are forwarded to us and forward viable cases of innocence on to the National Capital Crime Assistance Network.