Catholics Speak Out


Catholics Speak Out (CSO) encourages Roman Catholics who support the directions of the Second Vatican Council to speak out for reform within the Church. In 2008 CSO was merged with Priests for Equality (PFE), the first program of the Quixote Center, to continue PFE’s historical work for equality for women and men in church and society. As with all Quixote Center programs, we operate independently of the church, and rely only on grassroots support.

The Quixote Center supports gender equality, including ordination for women; the civil rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons; and advocates for an end to the rule of celibacy for Catholic clergy. We support full communion for divorced and remarried Catholics; due process for church employees and theologians; and democratic reforms in the governance of the Roman Catholic Church. We call for lay involvement in the formulation of church teachings on sexuality and reproduction, improvements in interfaith and ecumenical dialogue, and a strong church voice on issues of social justice.

Inclusive Bible

A crucial part of the Quixote Center’s work toward equality has been the Inclusive Scripture program initiated by Priests for Equality. After 20 years of diligent scholarship, the Quixote Center completed the Inclusive Bible, which incorporates poetically balanced language in regard to gender, race, and class. The Center also publishes the Inclusive Lectionary, Cycles A, B, and C for the Sunday readings.

Center co-founder and Catholic reform visionary Bill Callahan’s Noisy Contemplation, Deep Prayer for Busy People is the Quixote Center’s all time best seller and a best seller in the field of spirituality in general. It has sold over 100,000 copies.