Bill Callahan Memorial Fund


In 2012 the Quixote Center Board of Directors established the Bill Callahan Memorial Fund in honor of Quixote Center co-founder, Father William Callahan. The purpose for the fund is to provide money for new work at the Quixote Center as well as for donations to other organizations whose efforts further Bill’s vision for a world more justly loving.

Each year the Quixote Center board of directors meet to decide how to distribute funds raised during the previous year. The Bill Callahan Memorial fund does not issue grants, nor do we accept proposals for funding. We look to provide support for innovative work to be done at the Quixote Center, or for organizations with budgets under $200,000 for whom a gift would make a real difference in fulfilling their mission. In 2012 the Bill Callahan Memorial Fund disbursed $25,000. You can find information on the recipients on our 2012 page.

In 2013, the Quixote Center published a collection of Bill’s poetry in a book titled ‘A Bad Case of the Good News.’ The book is available by mail and through our online store. All proceeds from the sale of the book go toward replenishing the Memorial Fund. You can also make a donation to help support the fund here.