Tilting at Windmills: The Quixote Center has been guided by the ethos of liberation theology since its founding in 1976, with some extra inspiration from Cervantes’ anti-hero, the Man from La Mancha. The Quixote Center seeks people’s engagement with issues that are difficult and in areas where we do not expect complete transformation quickly.

Our work in Nicaragua and Haiti is founded on years of partnership with local organizations. We support their work in community development and environmental renewal, and their work informs our advocacy to change U.S. foreign policy. In the United States we focus on criminal justice reform, working closely with death row inmates and people serving life sentences. The Quixote Center has also been at the forefront of Catholic reform efforts, especially regarding the equal participation of women at all levels of the Church, including the priesthood. Over the years, we have also taken on several causes through our Criminal Justice Program, including advocating for the abolition of the death penalty and developing a national database of re-entry resources for prisoners.