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Nicaragua’s housing crisis is staggering—the worst in all of Latin America. Nicaraguans have the lowest per capita income; the vast majority do not qualify for bank loans.  Statistics on the need

A local solution: The Quixote Center and the Institute of John XXIII, our Nicaraguan partners, have worked to provide housing to impovershed Nicaraguans for more than 15 years. We construct high quality, earthquake and hurricane resistant homes. Joined by Banpro, a Nicaraguan bank, we now present a creative evolution of our affordable housing model, financially self-sustaining and capable of producing many more houses. Learn more…

The Game Changer: A trust-secured mortgage plan, the first in all Latin America. It’s not enough to build a house, if the system continues to shut people out of housing. Our trust-secured mortgage plan will make the funding for housing construction renewable and available to many families of the “poor and working-poor.” How it works

The Campaign:

The Quixote Center is already nearly half way to our goal of $2.0 million to establish the trust fund. This amount will leverage $10 million in construction loans the first year. Profits are returned to the trust, so that within five years the program will have built 3,300 homes for the working poor.

Most importantly this project is self-sustaining. The capacity of the program will continue to grow while more families each year enjoy the many benefits of a secure and dignified home. To succeed in this endeavor, many hands and hearts are needed. Please read our full description of this project, and make a lasting contribution to the fight against homelessness.