Quixote Holiday Party Time

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Last December we invited you to a party to celebrate our new office. We enticed you with promises of food, drink, and good company. So many of you took us up on the offer that we almost finished all the booze. We think we can do better than that, so we’re throwing another party to prove it!

Please join the Quixote Center and Interfaith Voices for a party on Friday, December 14 from 6 to 8 pm. There’s a lot to celebrate, even in a year-old office: the collection of holidays both religious and secular, the u

pcoming solstice, and a possible Mayan Apocalypse (according to internet ‘experts’ everywhere). What you celebrate is up to you, so come one come all! Bring a friend and some good cheer, and we’ll take care of the drinks and food (including some locally-sourced veggies courtesy of the Crabgrass Christians).

There’s nothing worse than running out of party supplies, so please RSVP on facebook or by e-mail (andrew@quixote.org).