Quest for Peace

The Quest for Peace is a program of liberating development. We seek to build a policy of peace and friendship between the people of the United States and Nicaragua by working for change that empowers people to realize a world of greater opportunity and justice. To accomplish these goals, we focus our efforts on programs that create opportunities for and improve capabilities of those who have the least, without regard to religious or political affiliation. We have also oriented our programs to focus on development projects that improve the lives of women directly.

Read an account of the first twenty years of the Quest.

Current Projects

The Quest for Peace arose from opposition to US funding of the Contra War against the Sandinista government in the 1980s. Grassroots activism nationwide allowed us to send a total of $127 million in humanitarian assistance, matching the money for war that was sent by the Reagan administration. This inspirational achievement has served as an example of the power of dreams, especially those that seem out of reach.

The Institute of John XXIII, Managua

For more than 25 years we have partnered with the Institute of John XXIII to fund and implement large-scale community projects and to provide relief and aid in times of emergency.

Through the Housing Alliance program, we support the work of the Institute in supplying affordable, safe, and dignified homes to the working poor of Nicaragua. A home is the foundation of family life and human development. Without the home, educational and professional achievement are severely impaired. The cost of construction is approximately $5,000, and families pay back that amount over time and free of interest. Those payments are placed in a fund for future construction. You can read the full 2012 project report here.

The Classroom Essentials project provides school supplies to children whose families cannot afford them. A gift of only $10 equips a child to take advantage of classroom opportunities with his or her peers. The Classroom Essentials project began in 2012 in the isolated community of Terrabona, where the Institute has established support programs for local schools. You can read the full 2012 project report here.


FEDICAMP, a federation of eighteen rural communities in northern Nicaragua, began as a project of the Institute of John XXIII. In 2006, the communities ‘graduated’ and became independent. Because of the common struggles faced across the north and the camaraderie developed during their formation, the communities decided to come together. United, they can pool resources and expertise and achieve their goals.

Since becoming independent, FEDICAMP has worked with several NGOs and foundations in the United States and Europe to finance new projects. The Quest for Peace is currently developing partnership projects with FEDICAMP. More information will be available here soon. You can read the full 2012 project report here.


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