Welcome to the Quixote Center

The Quixote Center is a multi-issue, grassroots organization founded in the Catholic social justice tradition. For 35 years, the Center has gathered together people of faith and conscience to organize highly effective campaigns for systemic change. We operate independently of church and government, and strive to make our world, our nation, and our church more just, peaceful and equitable in their policies and practices.

We draw inspiration from the satiric idealism and gentle madness of Cervantes’ dauntless Don Quixote. By laughing a bit in the midst of struggle, we gain strength and heart to sustain our efforts. With the spiritual and financial support of more than 70,000 friends we continue the work of moving mountains, one stone at a time, in pursuit of social justice and equality. On this website you can find information on our programs,  support the Center, and sty up to date with Windmills, our blog.